Thursday, March 26, 2009

How many intelligence organizations?

I originally wrote this entry on August 23, 2004, and published it on

Judge Richard Posner has written about breaking up the CIA.

The most important benefit of multiple intelligence organizations is a certain fault-resilience that they together introduce into the system. That fault resilience will be lost in a single organization.

If there's a single organization, and that single organization gets things wrong, lives could be ruined. Multiple organizations add ability to view facts from multiple angles and with different attitudes. They are also harder to subject to a single political force.

The problem of U.S. security is not one of organization but one that is caused by a global posture that breads enemies through the carnage it unleashes. (The intentions are almost irrelevant.) To minimize backlash, we need to reduce the asocial, conflictual attitude in dealing with the world and build an attitude based on "commerce" and "exchange."

East Asia and Europe seem to be the masters of that transformation.

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